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The #WaltDisney company got a new head: It was Bob Chapek

16:45, Wednesday, 26 February, 2020
The #WaltDisney company got a new head: It was Bob Chapek

An official statement from representatives of Disney came on yesterday, 25 February. The current head of the Walt Disney company found a replacement on the case when his contract with the company ends.

Successor Robert iger became his colleague Bob Chapek, who have long held the position of head of one of divisions of the Corporation. Capek becomes the head after the Eiger contract will end on 31 December 2021.

Recall that Robert iger, the sixth CEO Disney has held the position since 2005. However, even after the contract he will lead creative direction of the company.

The acting head said that he fully trusts Bob and Capek, in his view, it is now “the optimum time for transfer of power.” “Waiting for close cooperation with Capek in the next 22 months,” said Rob Aigner.

In turn, Bob Chapek, which as of February 2020 working in the company for 27 years, also commented on his appointment to such a high position.

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