#DieWelt: US sanctions boost Russian oil exports

22:25, Tuesday, 11 February, 2020
#DieWelt: US sanctions boost Russian oil exports

Although the United States imposed sanctions against the Russian Federation, its crude oil exports grew due to sanctions policies against third countries. Taking advantage of the situation, Russia increased the volume of oil supplies.

This was reported by the German newspaper Die Welt, citing a source in the Energy Information Agency, which is subordinate to the US Department of Energy.First of all, we are talking about the restriction by the United States of oil imports from Iran and Venezuela. This led to the fact that in October last year, the Russian Federation took second place after Canada in terms of exports of petroleum products to the United States, overtaking Mexico for the first time in years. And in November, the export of petroleum products from Russia to the United States set a historical record, exceeding the same indicator in November of the previous year by 150 percent and reaching 19,2 million barrels.

In January 2020, the RF Ministry of Economic Development stated that after the imposition of sanctions, oil exports from Russia grew by 3,8 percent, mainly due to supplies to the United States and Turkey. It has already been said about the USA that they began to buy more Russian oil after the introduction of sanctions against Venezuela. And Turkey had to increase purchases in Russia after abandoning Iranian oil.

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