Meteorologists expect extreme weather events in 2020

11:40, Sunday, 19 January, 2020
Meteorologists expect extreme weather events in 2020

Meteorologists reported that this year can be reported abnormal weather phenomena. We are talking about average temperature increase annually by about 0.3 degrees Celsius.

“2020, the year began with abnormally high for the winter time temperatures. Fires in Australia, the warming at the poles and more talking about the fact that nature is preparing a full answer to humanity all that had been done to her. I would not want to be limited to loud statements about the greenhouse effect and pollution of the environment, but they do affect the climate,” – said the representative of the WMO.

The past year also featured a heat wave in many regions of the world. According to the figures he gave in only in 2016. Then the change in weather conditions was caused by the phenomenon of El niño. Now the important role played by the cyclones and anticyclones, which dramatically changed the direction of their annual movements. According to experts, over the past five years the average temperature on the planet increased by about 1.2 degrees, which is a serious indicator.

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