The ex-wife of Ronaldinho accuses him of an alleged assault

13:05, Saturday, 06 July, 2019
The ex-wife of Ronaldinho accuses him of an alleged assault

The ex-wife of former Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho Gaúcho, Priscilla Coelho, accused the former Barcelona player of assaulting her in December 2018, when, according to the magazine Universa , she maintained a relationship with another woman, Beatriz Sousa. Coelho explained that during a discussion the soccer player "pushed hard", which caused him to fall in the garden of a neighbor and caused some injuries. He said that at the time he did not denounce it because he thought "they could talk and solve" their problems.

Coelho said that the discussion prior to the attack happened at a party at the residence, in which a former girlfriend of Ronaldinho called his phone, which at that time had Coelho, after which the player became aggressive, grabbed his arm his wife, told him to pick up his things to leave home and pushed her hard.

Likewise, Coelho affirmed that the former soccer player was jealous, that he presented aggressive behaviors and that in meetings with his friends he prohibited his women from wearing shorts.According to Universa , Coelho denounced the soccer player mainly for his "violence". The case is under summary secrecy. The ex-wife asks for compensation and the division of the goods acquired by Ronaldinho Gaúcho between 2012 and 2018, period in which they were together.

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