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Leo wandered into the village and killed a girl

11:10, Sunday, 07 April, 2019
Leo wandered into the village and killed a girl

In Kenya he killed 11-year-old girl. It is reported by news portal the Daily Nation.

The animal wandered into the village of Hovuni, Tayta Taveta district, late on Thursday evening, April 4. The lion first attacked Michael Nzelu (Michael Nzalu), his wife and child, and then to 11-year-old schoolgirl Mohammed Asha (Mohammed Asha). From the received wounds the girl has died on the spot. Chet Nzelu was taken to the hospital with deep wounds on the head, arms and chest.
     “I ran to the house, but the beast followed me inside and attacked me, my wife and child. We managed to fight the lion” — he described the incident to Ncalu. After that, according to him, the animal noticed Mohammed and killed her.

Employees of the wildlife service nature Kenya arrived at the scene and killed the lioness. Presumably, she ran away from the nearest national Park.

A resident of the village was Mwalili Suleiman (Suleiman Mwalili) were dissatisfied with the service. He believes that the staff arrived too late. “Security Kenya wildlife animals more important than people. If the animal died, they would swoop in on helicopters,” said the man.

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