"Reburials are quite accepted practice in the world": Hayk Martirosyan

03:10, Wednesday, 20 February, 2019
"Reburials are quite accepted practice in the world": Hayk Martirosyan

Politologist Hayk Martirosyan made a post on his Facebook page:

"Yes, Tumanyan also lived in Tiflis, and it happened so that he was buried right in Tiflis. And, although there is not such a topic to be discussed and nothing of the sort comes to anybody’s mind, the Poet of All Armenians and, generally, the greatest Armenian writer, humanist and public activist of all time should be buried in Armenian soil. Reburials are quite accepted practice in the world. Tumanyan ought to be the first in the Armenian’s list. Besides, what do we do in order to make Tumanyan every Armenian’s, every Armenian child’s treasure. Practically nothing! Tumanyan’s Greatness is recognised, but not propagated. There is not any cultural and educational machine being built around his name either at the state or public level. Even the jubilee is not celebrated at the appropriate level and scale. It says a great deal about not Tumanyan, but us. And these are not good words."

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