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King of Malaysia who married Miss Moscow 2015 abdicates the throne

19:40, Sunday, 06 January, 2019
King of Malaysia who married Miss Moscow 2015 abdicates the throne

Muhammad V announced his decision to abdicate on 6 January. This is reported by The Straits Times. This is the first case in the country’s history.

“His Majesty is preparing to return to Kelantan (Muhammad is the ruler of the state of Kelantan), to be with the people for the sake of their peace and development,” the royal palace's statement says.

In this country, the king is appointed by election among the sultans for a period of five years.

The current king has been on the “federal throne” since 2016. At the time of taking office, he was only 47 years old, which makes him the youngest elected monarch of Malaysia.

In 2004, Muhammad V was already married to a member of the royal family of the Sultanate of Pattani. However, in 2008, the couple officially divorced. After that, Muhammad became the first king to reign without a spouse, who, according to local laws, is an important person in the country and follows the rank of the ruler.

The monarch was brought into the limelight of the Russian press in November last year, when he married a Russian woman, the winner of the contest ‘Miss Moscow 2015’ Oksana Voevodina.

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