17 November: International Students' Day

11:10, Saturday, 17 November, 2018
17 November: International Students' Day

International students across the world specifically in the best student destination countries such as the United States might have witnessed the International Education Week, which is an integral part of celebrating the International Students Day. The day is celebrated to ensure education is available and accessible to all students.

Every year, students from every part of the world celebrate November 17 as the International Students Day and thousands of students show a lot of enthusiasm to participate in the organised events. On this special day, how many of you know what the importance of this day is? Or that there is a tragic story behind the International Students Day?

1939 Tragic Story
     On November 17, 1939, the Nazi troops executed nine student leaders and sent over 1200 students to concentration camps. The Nazi troops had even closed all the Czech colleges and universities. The courage displayed by the students during this incident was unforgettable. To commemorate their legacy, since 1941, students from all parts of the world started celebrating November 17 as the International Students Day.

What To Do On The International Students Day?
     Many universities across the world observe this day as an opportunity to display multiculturalism and diversity. Some of the universities organise several events on the International Students Day to encourage youth engagement.

Apart from the universities, many student organisations also conduct various events on the International Student Day. Students can extend their support by participating in any event besides an individual social-service. They can even spread the word about the importance of the International Student Day by sharing it on social media.

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