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Bredent Georgia together with the clinic New Dent XXI conducted a training course in implantology

16:00, Friday, 13 July, 2018
Bredent Georgia together with the clinic New Dent XXI conducted a training course in implantology

On the 8th of July in Batumi clinic New Dent XXI. A live operation “Application of Fast & Fixed and CAD/CAM technologies - a new approach and solution for toothlessness with Fast & Fixed technology”. On the day of the operation, a permanent structure was installed, for which a guarantee is given. The operation was carried out using the latest achievements, technologies in the field of implantology, in particular the CAD/CAM system. The advantages of dental prosthetics in the Fast & Fixed concept with the use of CAD/CAM-technologies:

• High strength and at the same time ease of construction

• Excellent aesthetic qualities

• Biocompatibility

• Reliability

• Speed - during 2 hours

• Greater accuracy of manufacturing with minimal deviations

• Automation of production, which virtually eliminates the possibility of errors.

Thanks to CAD/CAM technology, the time to manufacture the design is shortened. In just two hours, implants and a fixed design were installed. Unlike all other technologies that are implemented in several stages, the use of the Fast & Fixed technique allows solving the problem of toothlessness within one day, and now within two hours the patient receives a fixed, non-removable bridge structure. Restoration of the dental system by the concept of Fast & Fixed is more economical compared to other methods, which is explained by fewer surgical procedures: there is no need to build bone (sinus lift, augmentation), to install more implants.

During the master class, presentations were given on the following topics: “Gum management”, “Work in an aesthetically important area”, “Prosthetics on implants”, “Advantages of dental prosthetics using CAD/CAM technologies”, and a discussion of complex clinical cases by David Galstyan, Tamara Shavadze, Sergey Sargsyan.

Meanwhile a master class on the technical part was held. Innovative materials and technology from Bredent were demonstrated.

Implantologist - David Galstyan (implantologist of the Yerevan clinic "Divident"), assistant - Sergey Sargsyan (orthopedic physician of the Yerevan clinic "Divident").

The organizer of the events is Bredent Georgia together with Batumi clinic New Dent XXI.

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