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Half of the US thinks Trump is a racist - poll

11:20, Thursday, 05 July, 2018
Half of the US thinks Trump is a racist - poll

Half of American voters think their President is a racist.

A new poll, undertaken by Quinnipiac University, found 47-49 percent believe Donald Trump is a racist. And 58 percent do not approve of the way he's handling immigration - in particular the child detention camps on the southern border.

Views of Mr Trump's opinions on race split along party lines - 86 percent of Democrats said he is a racist, while 86 percent of Republicans said he isn't. Independents narrowly said he is, 50-44.

Poll assistant director Tim Malloy said the stunning result will be a "punch to the gut" for Mr Trump.

"When it comes to the separation of immigrant kids from their parents, American voters are clearly appalled."

Sixty percent said it was a violation of human rights, and 83 percent said the White House has a responsibility to reunite the children with their parents.

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