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Kenyan news: Bungoma Jesus with 7 children outlines plans to launch third testament bible

15:35, Friday, 25 May, 2018
Kenyan news: Bungoma Jesus with 7 children outlines plans to launch third testament bible

- Jesus is husband to one wife and father of 7, lives in Mukuyuni village, Bungoma county - He is a standard 8 drop-out and his church comprises mostly of women who are not allowed to shave anywhere - He does not believe in crucifixion like the Biblical Jesus who's death and resurrection is celebrated each April - Self-styled religious leaders are not strange in Bungoma county

The now famous self-styled 'Jesus' of Tongaren constituency, Bungoma county has publicly vowed not to be crucified ahead of his Easter, slated for July 2018.
     In an interview with TUKO.co.ke, Eliud Wekesa a.k.a Jesus says according to the doctrine of hi church -the New Jerusalem Church- Easter will be celebrated in mid July.
     Yesu (Jesus), as he is known to his congregation which comprises mostly of women says he will use the occasion to officially launch a third testament Bible.

According to him, the Old and New testament Bibles used by christians world over are incomplete and there is need to add some more books.
     "I will add the books of Bingu mpya (new heaven) and Nchi Mpya (a new Nation) to be published after The New and Old Testament respectively to make it complete," says the class 8 drop out from Mukuyuni Primary school in Bungoma county.
     According to his obviously weird thinking, the additional books shall not only be used by his followers -tucked in Milima Sub-Location- but the entire world.
     Unlike the Biblical Jesus who Christians World over celebrate his crucifixion and death every April, the standard eight drop-out from Mukuyuni village does not believe in crucifixion.

"I don't believe in crucifixion (like the other Jesus) I don't know why people have been calling for my crucifixion since I publicly announced that I am also Jesus," Wekesa said.

The husband and father of 7 told TUKO.co.ke the name Jesus came to him as a vision from heaven, almost a decade ago.
     "It came to me after the current generation had sinned and was no longer believing in men of God," He said in swahili, heavily influenced by his bukusu tribe.
     Wekesa has prophets believed to have resurrected to destroy yokes of Babylon. He also has 12 disciples and doesn't own an ID card, cell phone.
     For one to be a member of his church, Yesu said the new member has to be baptised again and given a new name.

There is a strict dress-code that includes a gown made of sisal sacks as well as Akala or slippers made from worn-out car tyres.
     "Once you become a member, Angel Rachael, who is the official church tailor will receive a vission of your body size and make a gown that goes along with the church doctrine," said jesus.
     No one in the church is allowed to shave any part of their bodies and ladies are additionally not allowed to wear weaves/artificial hair or even make-up.

Western Kenya is not new to these kind of weird religious leaders who liken themselves to God or Jesus.
     Prophet John,75, from Nandoli village, Kanduyi constituency, Bungoma county once hit the headlines by calling himself the last prophet of 'God'.

The husband to 36 wives and father of 98 heads a church called Muungano church for all nation and has written his own bible with 93 books instead of 66 as the conventional bible has.

Another man called himself Jehova Wanyonyi died or rather mysteriously disappeared in 2016 after decades of leading a congregation which believed he was God and thus immortal.
     The 94-year-old died and a burial permit seen but his congregation have ever since held their god is resting with one of his 70 wives.

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