Erdoğan: Israeli actions would put Nazis to shame

15:00, Saturday, 19 May, 2018
Erdoğan: Israeli actions would put Nazis to shame

Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan on Friday compared the actions of Israeli troops in Gaza to Nazi Germany's treatment of Jews in World War Two."The children of those being subject to all sorts of torture in concentration camps during World War Two are now attacking Palestinians with methods that would put Nazis to shame," Erdoğan said shortly after addressing a rally of thousands of people in support of Palestinians.The international community "must stop watching the massacres from the bleachers" and send "an international peace force to the people of Palestine, who are losing their young children to Israeli terror every day," Erdoğan said, comparing the proposed deployment to peacekeeping forces sent to Bosnia and Kosovo in the 1990s.

The Turkish president's calls were backed by Muslim leaders, who on Friday urged an international force to be deployed to protect Palestinians after dozens of protesters were shot dead by Israeli forces on the Gaza border this week.

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