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Tankian: "The movement has taken hold and those who represent the past are now rejected"

23:35, Wednesday, 25 April, 2018
Tankian: "The movement has taken hold and those who represent the past are now rejected"

With the opposition block joining the people's movement and the ARF ending their partnership with the Republican Party who now holds onto a slim majority in Parliament, it is inevitable that Parliament will likely appoint protest leader Nikol Pashinyan as Prime Minister of Armenia and set forth a schedule for snap Parliamentary elections. The movement has taken hold and those who represent the past are now rejected. It is important for the movement and the fragments left of the gov't to keep the peace. It is also important for everyone to start to cooperate so that there is no gap in terms of the functionality of the country. That means putting aside political differences and personality conflicts to do what's best for the people. Refraining from vendettas and making sure everything transitions smoothly. The acting PM Karen Karapetyan should show his willingness to do this and Pashinyan should take advantage of that.
     It is also imperative to start a program of reforms immediately starting with law enforcement and the judiciary to ensure that election fraud does not occur for the snap parliamentary elections.
     The new political forces are energized but need a little time to organize into viable political parties to compete for parliamentary seats.
     Excuse the long ranting-this is all very exciting but as we all know it's one thing to get rid of a leader, another thing to get rid of the whole gov't and an even more challenging task to execute proper reforms and enforcement to deliver on the promises of the people's revolt. I have faith that all these things will happen because the people have deemed it so. I'm proud to have been alive this week.

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Aro 04:58, 28.04.2018
MA M U L !!!!!!
Ches tesnum voe ays anasune turqaaaa.Dra gratc a taritcela aknhayt yerevum da.Azgayin anvtangutyan parap asxatakitcnerin tur dra el postayin hastcen tox zbaxven...inchqan kareliya ajk pakel nman kexteri vra?????