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Trump says he’ll sanction Russia as soon as they deserve it

08:45, Thursday, 19 April, 2018
Trump says he’ll sanction Russia as soon as they deserve it

President Donald Trump said Wednesday that nobody has been tougher on Russia than him and that he’ll hit Moscow with new sanctions “as soon as they very much deserve it.”

He also said building a good relationship with Russia is a “good, not bad” thing.

Trump commented a day after an internal White House quarrel over the timing of potential new punishment for Russia exploded into public view. He blamed the news media for spreading a narrative that he said portrays him as being afraid to stand up to Russia.

“There’s been nobody tougher on Russia than President Donald Trump,” the president said, citing increased U.S. military spending among his examples. “With the media, no matter what I did, it’s never tough enough, because that’s their narrative. But Russia will tell you, there’s been nobody tougher than Donald Trump.

Trump mentioned the joint U.S., French and British military operation last weekend that struck several sites in Syria to punish the Russian-backed government of President Bashar Assad for an apparent chemical attack that killed civilians. Trump said the strike was “absolute precision.”

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