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Falcon 9 launch last year dug a 559-mile hole in the Ionosphere plasma

13:25, Monday, 26 March, 2018
Falcon 9 launch last year dug a 559-mile hole in the Ionosphere plasma

Several layers make up the Earth’s atmosphere. When rockets are launched into space, these have some impact on the atmosphere. It is similar to how airplanes have chemtrails. SpaceX Falcon 9 launch made in August 2017 is estimated to have cut a 559-mile hole in the plasma of the ionosphere which is the uppermost layer of the atmosphere that lasted for up to 3 hours which is similar to a localized magnetic storm.

Per the reports, SpaceX launched its Falcon 9 rocket from the Vandenberg Air Force Base on 24th August 2018 carrying FORMOSAT-5, a Taiwanese satellite built by National Space Organization for Earth observation. The launch was successful and the satellite was deployed in the lower earth orbit (LEO). As soon as the rocket was launched, it reached a supersonic speed just in few minutes of its launch which created ginormous circular shock acoustic waves (SAWs) that ripped across the atmosphere for a whopping 20 minutes straight clocking at an speed of 629 to 726 meters per second which is almost twice the speed of sound. The area covered by this giant SAW was over 1,770,000 square kilometers which equivalent to four times the area of California in the United States.

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