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The US has threatened to withdraw from the nuclear deal on Iran

12:25, Tuesday, 06 March, 2018
The US has threatened to withdraw from the nuclear deal on Iran

Vice-President Mike Pence stated that the United States may soon emerge from nuclear deal concluded between Iran and the sextet. His words are quoted by The Times of Israel.

He accused Tehran of developing ballistic missiles and supporting terrorist organizations. Pence explained that Washington in this case, it will require revision of earlier reached agreements, and in case of refusal, the United States will consider the transaction void.

The Vice President added that Donald trump refused to impose sanctions against Iran, but more like concessions to Tehran should be expected.

In November 2017 Brigadier General of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps Hussein Salami said that in the event of a threat from States of the European Union, Iran will increase the range of ballistic missiles to two thousand kilometers.

Tehran and the six countries-mediators agreed on the terms of Iran’s nuclear program in the summer of 2015. Under the agreement, Iran refuses the further development of this program in exchange for sanctions relief. Limits for the Republic, including on oil exports, was canceled in January 2016.

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