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"Police use excessive force toward citizens in Armenia". Amnesty International

12:05, Thursday, 22 February, 2018
"Police use excessive force toward citizens in Armenia". Amnesty International

"Human rights defenders all over the world are being persecuted",- warns Margaret Huang, the Executive Director of Amnesty International, presenting a report on Human Rights for 2018. Despite some advancement, restrictions to human rights are increasing worldwide, Voice of America reports.

According to the report, the main problems in Armenia were related to violations of the electoral process and the use of excessive force towards citizens by the police.
     In neighbouring Azerbaijan, the report has recorded cases of violence against sexual minorities as well as criminal prosecution by the authorities of Azerbaijan against the citizens who revealed corruption in the government: "Governments are afraid of being criticized by their citizens, they are afraid when their corruption is revealed, they are afraid when citizens demand to respect their rights, and they arrest public speakers".
     The same thing happens in Russia as well, says Margaret Huang. According to her words, Moscow continues to place restrictions on citizens' free expression of will.
     This is due to the activation of civil rights movement in different countries, which leads to such pressures." Amnesty International also criticizes the developments happening in the United States. According to Huang, under the presidency of Donald Trump, a serious regression in the protection of human rights has been registered in the United States. However, listing the countries with the worst human rights conditions first of all Margaret Huang mentions North Korea, a number of African dictatorships, Iran and Turkey: "Turkey is certainly one of the most worrisome cases. More than 50,000 people, including our local authorities, have been arrested in Turkey over the past year".
     It is noteworthy that when, according to Margaret Huang, Recep Erdogan was imprisoned by the former government of Turkey, Amnesty International was struggling for his freedom. However, after coming to power Erdogan no longer appreciated efforts of human rights defenders.

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