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The only composer among the generals and the only general among the composers: the 90th anniversary of Alexey Hekimyan was marked by a concert

14:40, Monday, 05 February, 2018
The only composer among the generals and the only general among the composers: the 90th anniversary of Alexey Hekimyan was marked by a concert

On February 2 A. Spendiaryan National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet hosted a concert of Alexey Hekimyan’s favourite and anticipated songs. They were presented for the first time accompanied by the symphony orchestra and with new instrumentation. The concert was organized by the Armenian State Symphony Orchestra and was dedicated to the 90th anniversary of Alexey Hekimyan. The concert was held under the high patronage of the First Lady of the Republic of Armenia Rita Sargsyan, who attended the event. Alexey Hekimyan’s sons Mikayel and Rafayel arrived in Yerevan to attend the concert.

The special guests of the concert were Vakhtang Kikabidze and Nani Bregvadze. Kikabidze remembered the day he first met Hekimyan. The Deputy Chairman of the State Security Committee of Georgia called him and told that the Police General Alexey Hekimyan, who had written songs for him, arrived from Moscow, and he should come and record them.

“I immediately refused. But I was forced to go. Then I saw Hekimyan standing in front of me with uniform and big stars on the straps. He told me that he had written 14 songs for me and he wanted me to perform them. I've never heard them. I suggested bringing two bottles of brandy. And we recorded those 14 songs in 3 hours. Since that we became friends. I was often guest at their home, he had a wonderful wife, she prepared very delicious dolma. Unfortunately, life is such a thing that people are leaving us”,- Kikabidze noted. He added that the music poured from the composer’s soul.

During the evening Nani Bregvadze presented the song “Snegopad” with the new arrangement. The singer noted that Hekimyan suggested her performing this song and it was loved by the connoisseurs of the music and after this song people used to call her “Snegopad”.

The Artistic Director and Principal Conductor of the Armenian State Symphony Orchestra Sergey Smbatyan noted that it was a very important concert for the collective. They were presenting Hekimyan’s favourite songs with new format, new sound. He also added that we should always remember and honor the great representatives of our nation.

Favourite Armenian singers and the Armenian State Symphony Orchestra presented “Bari aragil”, “Vsya jizn vperedi”, “Karotis hyurn es”, “Anushik im quyrik”, “Shoghot-shaghot”, “Es chimaca te inchu” and other songs by Hekimyan.

Alexey Hekimyan’s son Miqayel thanked the audience and organizers for remembering his father. He especially emphasized Mrs. Rita Sargsyan's role in maintaining Hekimyan's creative heritage. Miqael Hekimyan mentioned that though his father died early, he was a happy man because he was loved by the people, his music is remembered and his songs are being performed.

He also highlighted two people connected with Hekimyan's musical success; his mother, Valentina Hekimyan, who shared Alexey Hekimian's ideology, and was his first listener and critic. Michael Hekimyan also stressed the great role of the politician Stepan Poghosyan in Alexey Hekimyan's creative successes.

The artistic and musical evening was a complete reference to Alexey Hekimyan's life. The composer's interviews, archival materials, memoirs about him were presented on the screen. Aram Khachatryan's opinion about Hekimyan was also screened. The evening ended with a surprise. The song "Meeting with Yerevan" written by Avet Barseghyan based on Alexey Hekimyan's composition was performed for the first time.

The concert was held with the support of RA Ministry of Culture.

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