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A famous photo is a fake: Syrian boy mourning on grave of his parents.

20:10, Thursday, 01 February, 2018
A famous photo is a fake: Syrian boy mourning on grave of his parents.

This photo was published on Twitter in @americanbadu account by an American Muslim. He announced that the photo was taken in Syria and the boy's parents were killed by the Assad regime, and the boy is mourning on grave day and night.
     Less than a day passed, it is shared hundred thousand times on the internet all over the world.
     In Fact, the photo was taken by young photographer Abdul Aziz Al-Otabi, who also lives in Saudi Arabia. Right from his page the American Muslim took the photo. In the photo is Al-Otabi's nephew - a resident of Saudi Arabia, and unrelated to Syria. Gravel mounds are not graves at all, they are just alike.
     By the way, seeing his photo in @americanbadu account, Al-Otabi wrote to him asking the user remove it, and he got the following answer. "Why you don't want to leave everything as it is. Why you don't agree that this photo is from Syria, to get your remark from God. You exaggerate the problem." However, after this he removed the photo with fake comment, but it doesn't matter, the photo is spread on the internet as Syrian boy mourning on grave of his parents until today.

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