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In the Polish Cathedral found the treasure of the XVII century

01:05, Thursday, 11 January, 2018
In the Polish Cathedral found the treasure of the XVII century

In the Catholic Cathedral of saints Martin and Nicholas in Bydgoszcz (Northern Poland) found a real gold treasure almost five hundred gold coins and 200 items of gold.

The treasure, which was hidden after about 1652 in the Cathedral during the Swedish invasions of Poland, today may cost several million zlotys (more than a million dollars), informs tvn24.pl.

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     “At a depth of 10 cm under the floor, we found about 700 artifacts. There were 480 coins and 200 gold objects, particularly rings, brooches, crosses, necklaces,” – said archaeologist Robert grochowski.

According to him, the treasure was hidden in a wooden chest, but for four centuries it rotted. However, all the items found in very good condition. Found among coins of the XVI-XVII centuries, which was minted in the territories of modern Poland, Austria, Holland and Germany.Archaeologists are now poring coins and the one to whom they could belong. Coins and gold items will fall to the Museum of “European center of money” in Bydgoszcz.

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