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Israel PM rejects Jerusalem vote at UN 'house of lies'

17:20, Thursday, 21 December, 2017
Israel PM rejects Jerusalem vote at UN 'house of lies'

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dubbed the United Nations a "house of lies" on Thursday, ahead of a General Assembly vote on a resolution rejecting US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

"The State of Israel rejects outright this vote, even before it passes," he said at a ceremony in southern Israel.

"The attitude to Israel of many nations in the world, in all the continents, is changing outside of the UN walls, and will eventually filter into the UN as well -- the house of lies," he said.

The UN General Assembly will hold an emergency session later on Thursday to vote on a draft resolution that the United States vetoed at the Security Council on Monday after all other 14 council members voted in favour.

On the eve of the vote, US President Donald Trump suggested there could be reprisals for countries that support the draft, put forward by Yemen and Turkey on behalf of Arab and Muslim countries.

"Jerusalem is our capital, we will continue to build in it and embassies of countries, led by the US, will move to Jerusalem," Netanyahu said, thanking Trump and US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley for "standing by Israel and the truth."

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biti 18:53, 21.12.2017
EV ov e boxoqum stits ????
Amboxj ashxarh@ sxal e....miayn jhudnern u nrants artatoranq yankinern en chisht
Erkirn eiq uzum gzhoxq sarqeq
Kunenaq Ed dzhoxq@....hents dzer tan mej
U dzer voteri tak.....vortex el vor lineq