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Donald Trump just compared legal immigrants on diversity visas to trash

11:35, Saturday, 16 December, 2017
Donald Trump just compared legal immigrants on diversity visas to trash

Donald Trump thinks immigrants are trash, metaphorically speaking.

Not just unauthorized immigrants. Legal immigrants — specifically, those who come to the US on “diversity visas,” after being selected in a lottery for residents of countries that are underrepresented in the US immigration system as a whole.It’s not surprising that Trump is wrong on the facts — people selected in the visa lottery go through exactly as much screening as any other would-be immigrant to the United States, and the governments of their countries are not deliberately “picking” them to immigrate.

The fact that he spent part of a speech to graduates of the FBI Academy denigrating people who have followed US law is, for better or worse, only slightly more so. Trump’s speeches to law enforcement are often his most unguarded and rip-roaring. They’re the speeches in his official capacity that feel closest to the speeches he delivers at rallies — as if he sees law enforcement officers as part of his base, as close to him as his staunchest supporters.

That frees him to return to his favorite theme, the one he returns to whenever things are looking bad for his administration or agenda: that immigrants are not to be trusted.

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ardarutsyan martik
ardarutsyan martik 12:18, 16.12.2017
Axb Chen ay qyal qaq en
Artasahmani jhudneri qaqern en
Amerikan darel e hamashxatayin zugaran
Jhudner@ keran amerikatsinerin
U qaqetsin en....inch@ vor hima ka
Ed kapiki qaqan el apatsuyts
Him a el artasahmani jhudner@
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Ed qaqern el vichakaxaxov uxarkum ashxari zugaran