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Rocket fired from Gaza on Friday landed at Sderot kindergarten

14:20, Sunday, 10 December, 2017
Rocket fired from Gaza on Friday landed at Sderot kindergarten

One of the rockets fired from Gaza on Friday night landed in the courtyard of a kindergarten in the southern town of Sderot, police said.

The missile caused damage to the kindergarten building, including smashing a window, but no injuries. No one was in the building when the rocket struck.Police sappers were called to the scene late Saturday, and the public was asked to keep away from the area, a police spokesperson said.

On Friday night, several rockets were fired at southern Israel, and security forces had been searching the area to find where they landed.

In addition to the missile found in the kindergarten, another hit a Sderot street, causing damage to nearby cars and a house, officials said late Friday.

A third incoming rocket was intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense battery, the army said.

There were no serious injuries caused by the rockets, but some Israelis suffered anxiety attacks and received medical treatment, ambulance services said.

Israel retaliated with a series of air strikes Friday on Hamas targets. In one of the IAF strikes on a Hamas base in Nusseirat, in the central Gaza Strip, two Hamas gunmen were killed.Friday night’s rocket launches came hours after some 5,000 Palestinian protesters demonstrated and clashed with Israeli security forces at almost 30 locations across the West Bank and Gaza Strip after midday prayers, in a show of anger against US President Donald Trump’s Wednesday decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

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