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MEPs move to block phosphate use in kebabs

15:20, Saturday, 02 December, 2017
MEPs move to block phosphate use in kebabs

Parliament could veto an EU Commission proposal to allow phosphates in kebab meat, due to health concerns.
     Serious concerns about the health impact of phosphates used as food additives were raised by Health Committee MEPs on Tuesday. They objected to a Commission proposal to allow the use of phosphoric acid, di and tri phosphates and polyphosphates (E 338-452) in kebab meat - be it mutton, lamb, veal, beef or poultry.
     If Parliament as a whole backs the committee’s objection by an absolute majority (376 votes), the proposal will be blocked and the EU Commission will have to go back to the drawing board.
     EU rules do not generally permit the use of phosphate additives in meat preparations. But due to an accumulation of exceptions, they are increasingly being used in them, to protect flavour and retain water.

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