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Spanish police conduct raids on Georgian mafia

17:30, Wednesday, 29 November, 2017
Spanish police conduct raids on Georgian mafia

Catalan regional police (Mossos d'Esquadra) and Spanish National Police arrested 20 people on Wednesday morning in a joint operation against the Georgian mafia in Catalonia and Madrid.
     The operation, named Naples, saw raids carried out at 12 different addresses against an organization robbing flats and houses and laundering the stolen money and goods through a series of companies or sending it directly abroad.
     Operation Naples has been ongoing for almost two years and has its roots in the murder of two people in a flat in Naples street in the town of Terrassa, close to Barcelona in January 2016, local media reported.
     One of the victims of those killings was Gela Garisvili, who was the bodyguard of a Georgian crime boss based in Spain.
     On Jan. 11 this year, police in Madrid confirmed 61 arrests of Georgian gang members carrying out robberies in private homes.

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