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Saudi Arabia detentions: Living inside 'five-star prison'

13:25, Wednesday, 29 November, 2017
Saudi Arabia detentions: Living inside 'five-star prison'

Riyadh's palatial Ritz-Carlton hotel, branded as "a retreat for those who simply desire the royal treatment", now finds itself transformed into a nerve centre for an audacious manoeuvre by an ambitious crown prince.
     It's not the treatment more than 200 of Saudi Arabia's richest and most powerful ever expected, and certainly never desired, when 32-year old Mohammed Bin Salman launched what was billed as an unprecedented drive against corruption and abuse of power and privilege in the kingdom.
     Three weeks on, Riyadh's most prestigious hotel is still the talk of the town. But since the midnight raids which snared at least 11 princes and some of the biggest Saudi billionaires, only snippets have surfaced. Rumours swirl around Riyadh and many capitals beyond about what's really happening inside this gilded prison.
     No one goes in or out of its swirling black metal gates now without official permission.

Saudi Arabia detentions: Living inside 'five-star prison'
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