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iPhone X detected a new failure

00:10, Sunday, 26 November, 2017
iPhone X detected a new failure

In the new smartphone Apple iPhone X found another problem. On opening said at his channel YouTube user iAppleGeek.
     In the video, the user complains about the expensive gadget. According to him, the display device emits a click when pushed. As it turned out, it’s in the glue that developers use to fix the screen and body, it dries with time, and because of this, there is a clicking sound when you press on the display.
     In the comments of YouTube users recommend the Complainant to seek assistance in the warranty organization to get it repaired iPhone X or exchange it. On the channel of the author were not members with a similar problem, for example, a user with the nickname z3ro7o said that also recently bought the flagship from Apple, but the smartphone is functioning properly without any complications.

iPhone X detected a new failure
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