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Russia 'Pushed Fake News' in Catalonian Independence Fight

13:05, Saturday, 11 November, 2017
Russia 'Pushed Fake News' in Catalonian Independence Fight

The European Union has voiced concerns that Russia has pushed propaganda aimed at destabilizing Spain during the Catalonian independence crisis.
     Victor Bostinaru, vice chair of the Social Democratic group in the European Parliament and Romanian MEP, said on Thursday he had evidence that the Russians had interfered in the Catalan crisis, as reported by the Daily Telegraph.
     A specialist EU team that detects and counters Russian cyberattacks, the East Stratcom Task Force, has reported an increase in campaigns aimed at aggravating the crisis, in what is a clear echo of the charges made against Russia in the U.S. election campaign last year, and the French and German election campaigns this year. Reports have also suggested recently that Russian media also used similar tactics in the U.K. during its Brexit referendum (and the Scottish independence referendum in 2014). The common thread that runs through all is the aim of deepening divides within countries that are members of NATO, Russia’s traditional bogeyman, and the EU.

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