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The killer of Texas had fled a psychiatric centre military

10:45, Wednesday, 08 November, 2017
The killer of Texas had fled a psychiatric centre military

Devin Kelley, who was killed on Sunday 25 people in a church in Texas, had been interned in a psychiatric clinic when he was military after threatening to kill his superiors, said Tuesday the u.s. media.
     Kelley, at the time corporal accused of violence against his wife and his son-in-law, had been arrested in the bus station of El Paso (Texas) in June 2012, according to a police report published on the website of the local television station KPRC of Houston. He just escaped from a clinic in Santa Teresa (New Mexico), twenty miles away, where he had been interned for uttering death threats against his superiors.
     “A danger to himself and others”
     According to the police report, a witness who reported the disappearance of Kelley told the officers that the then 21-year-old was “suffering from psychological problems and wanted to escape” from the clinic by taking a long-distance bus. According to this witness, the military represented a “danger to himself and others because he had been caught trying to introduce weapons on the basis of Holloman” where he was stationed, 150 km north of El Paso. The report also points out that Kelley ” wanted to implement (its) death threats “.

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