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The US Consulate in Russia resumed issuing visas

10:25, Friday, 03 November, 2017
The US Consulate in Russia resumed issuing visas

All American consulates in Russia has resumed issuing visas temporarily suspended in late August of this year. However, while the diplomatic mission in St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Vladivostok will issue travel documents in the US only those citizens who do not need to have an interview with employees of the consular service.

The press Secretary of the US Embassy in Moscow, Maria Olson said the Russian media that while the work of diplomatic missions “resumed in a limited volume”. Documents can be issued applicants who have previously received a us visa and intend to renew it, as well as those who have since the expiration of the previous visa in the United States was not more than a year.

At the end of August this year, the U.S. Embassy in Russia announced a temporary cessation of work of the consular predstvitelstv in St. Petersburg, Cabinboy and Vladivostok. The main reason was the decision of the Russian authorities to reduce the number of the Embassy to 455 people. The result was a significant increase in terms of processing nonimmigrant visas. So, for example, now in Moscow, the average visa processing time is 85 working days, instead of 3-4 like it was this summer.

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