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Assin Adadiemtem again: 18-year-old raped, hanged to die

14:15, Tuesday, 31 October, 2017
Assin Adadiemtem again: 18-year-old raped, hanged to die

A teenager who was brutally raped and hanged to die by a member of her community at Assin Adadiemtem in the Central region has opened up about her ordeal.
     The 18-year-old Junior High School (JHS) graduate, Maabena [pseudonym] said her rapist dragged her into a room, raped her and fastened a rope around her neck to kill her.
     But she survived the incident.
     She narrated the story to Joy News’ Maxwell Agbagba when he met her working on cocoa pods on her grandmother’s farm over the weekend.
     The traumatized rape victim said she was at her sister’s place where they sell eggs where her alleged assailant, Ebenezer, called her to send her.
     While she was about collecting the money from him, he dragged her into his room, tore her dress and had sex on several occasions with her.
     She then took her phone to call her mother, but Ebenezer seized the phone and damaged it.
     He also prevented her from going outside because he did not want her to report what he had done to her.

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