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China has severely restricted trade with North Korea

11:25, Sunday, 24 September, 2017
China has severely restricted trade with North Korea

China completely banned the import of textiles from North Korea, and also restricted the sale of energy to the country, reports the BBC.

The new sanctions will take effect from 1 October. They were introduced in response to North Korea’s nuclear tests, held in September.

The new restrictions also affect the supply of liquefied natural gas.

North Korea is capable of processing a certain amount of crude oil which is under the ban were not included. But their capacities it lacks. Over the past few months gasoline prices in Pyongyang have increased by 20%, AFP said.

China buys about 80% of textile products to the DPRK. For the latter, it is an important source of hard currency.

Previously China has already restricted the export of coal from North Korea, which last year brought her $1.2 billion.

On 19 September President of the United States Donald trump has threatened the DPRK’s “complete destruction” in that case, if the mode UN will continue to develop its nuclear program. Dictator Kim Jong-UN, in turn, called trump’s “abnormal” and said that the words of the U.S. President asserted his intention to develop weapons.

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Karen 13:14, 24.09.2017
Vortev vaxumen vor badik, iranc dolarneric ktri.
Bayc meka takic lavel kogni.