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Human legs found in rubbish bin in Rome

16:20, Wednesday, 16 August, 2017
Human legs found in rubbish bin in Rome

A severed pair of human legs was found in a rubbish bin in Rome on Tuesday evening, according to Italian media citing police sources.
     The grim discovery was made in the Parioli neighbourhood in the north of the capital, by a young woman believed to have been searching through the bins.

The legs had been severed at the groin but there was no trace of the rest of the body, making identification of the victim difficult. They are however believed to be a woman's, and an autopsy should reveal further information.

According to a police spokesperson cited in Repubblica, the legs had likely been sawn off and dumped in the refuse container the previous night, "judging from the initial state of decomposition".

Forensic experts were combing through surveillance footage from the neighbourhood on Wednesday while police consulted reports of people recently declared missing in an effort to solve the gruesome crime.

A man was seen walking away from the bin on Monday night, when the legs were dumped according to forensic analysis, and his number plate has been partly identified, Repubblica reported.

In 2015, the city was shaken when a severed leg tattooed with the words "Today is a good day to die" was fished out of a tributary of the River Tiber, which flows through Rome, according to AFP.

That leg, which had been severed above the knee, belonged to a hardcore fan of the Rome football club Lazio who was a known drug user and had a criminal record.

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