“Resource classroom” inclusive education model

17:35, Monday, 20 March, 2017
“Resource classroom” inclusive education model

“International Child Development Center” (ICDC) has created an international platform for children with autism and other developmental disorders. The specialists have realized a productive model in one of the basic schools in the capital. A resource classroom with international standards was opened for 30 children to give them opportunity to be maximally included in general education process. They will have a specialized program which will be realized at a partial time of the educational day. The most part of the educational day children will spend with their peers from primary classrooms.

This project was assisted both by various organizations and parents. The classroom was renovated with financial assistance of “Electric Networks of Armenia” and VivaCell-MTS which has been the general supporter of the center since 2007. In 2010 the experimental model of inclusive education started in the same basic school after Henry Morgenthau by the financial support of Armenia’s leading telecommunication operator. VivaCell-MTS also has provided salary fund for specialists, who work with children in the center and in-home.

Within the cooperation period 2007-2017, VivaCell-MTS provided the “International Child Development Center” with more than AMD 170 million for applied behavior analysis therapy (ABA) with autistic children. Owing to VivaCell-MTS support, 42 children with autism disorder had opportunity to be involved in ABA program. Starting from 2007 ABA has involved more than 180 children with autism.

Owing to the partnership the center has registered progress: confidence in the basic school and comfort level are increased; communication skills of these children have been increased and the problems with inclusion at school have been solved.

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