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Navy staffers removed from duty after pictures of them flipping off newborn babies and making them dance to rap music emerge online
22:15, Friday, 22 September, 2017
Two Naval corpsmen have been removed from duty after images of them messing around with newborn babies emerged online.Images originally uploaded to ...
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Sugar 'is as addictive as cocaine': Warning cutting it out may lead to withdrawal symptoms similar to a drug addict going cold turkey
21:05, Saturday, 02 September, 2017
Sugar could be just as addictive as cocaine, research has suggested.It has a similar effect on the brain to powerful illegal drugs, scientists ...
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This Powerful New Painkiller Could Be The Unexpected Ticket to Replacing Opioids
01:05, Friday, 18 August, 2017
Researchers have developed a new class of pain relief that acts on an obscure nerve pathway, opening the way to a medication just as concerns have ...
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Why The US Sanctions On Russia Will Create A Deadlock Over Ukraine
18:30, Monday, 07 August, 2017
Why The US Sanctions On Russia Will Create A Deadlock Over UkraineIt was with reluctance that US President Donald Trump on August 2 agreed to sign a ...
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Father-of-two, 46, says he 'feels great' after having 98 TUMORS removed from his brain caused by melanoma
02:10, Wednesday, 02 August, 2017
A father-of-two has said he 'feels great' after having 98 cancerous tumors removed from his brain. Leland Fay, a 46-year-old from Monument, ...
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Senator McCain diagnosed with aggressive brain cancer
12:15, Thursday, 20 July, 2017
U.S. Senator John McCain, the 2008 Republican presidential nominee known for political independence during more than three decades in the Senate, ...
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In the frames of the international Congress bredent Georgia in fruitful cooperation with New Dent XXI has successfully carried out a training course on the implantation issues
22:25, Wednesday, 19 July, 2017
During the 13th International Congress of stomatologists held in Batumi 14-15 July, 2017 a team of high quality specialists of ...
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Yemen: the tragedy continues
19:25, Monday, 17 July, 2017
IN YEMEN, a child under the age of five dies from preventable causes every ten minutes. This is the shocking statistic which drives the charity ...
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Man, 40, who lost his penis during a circumcision 17 years ago undergoes world's third successful penis transplant - but there's a 'color discrepancy' that surgeons will 'fix with tattooing'
00:05, Wednesday, 24 May, 2017
South African surgeons completed the world's third successful penis transplant on a man who went without his member for 17 years.The 40-year-old ...
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Teenager dies in classroom of caffeine overdose after downing latte, energy drink and Mountain Dew
01:05, Thursday, 18 May, 2017
A 16-year-old boy who died in his classroom at a South Carolina school suffered heart failure after drinking too much caffeine, a coroner has ...
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Bear on the Bikepark Malino Brdo SLOVAKIA
01:05, Thursday, 11 May, 2017
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Why do humans get "goosebumps" when they are cold, or under other circumstances?
23:10, Wednesday, 10 May, 2017
George A.Bubenik, a physiologist and professor of zoology at the University of Guelph in Ontario, explains.Imagine swimming in a lake on a hot ...
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Newborn clutches his mother's hormonal coil in ironic snap
00:05, Saturday, 06 May, 2017
A woman has shared a picture of her newborn baby holding the contraceptive coil that was supposed to stop her becoming pregnant - and it’s ...
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Baby girl who weighs 38lbs alarms doctors over her constant cravings for food - but her parents blame GOD for her unhealthy appetite
21:05, Tuesday, 18 April, 2017
A baby girl weighs 2st 10lbs due to her constant cravings for food - but is piling on even more pounds as the days go by. Chahat Kumar, eight ...
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Over 100 Swine Flu Deaths In Maharashtra Since January 2017
22:10, Tuesday, 11 April, 2017
Swine flu has claimed more than 100 lives across Maharashtra this year, a state Health Department official said today. "101 people have died till ...
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Turkish Airlines cabin crew help deliver baby girl on flight
12:35, Sunday, 09 April, 2017
A Turkish Airlines cabin crew has welcomed one more passenger on board after helping to deliver a baby girl during a flight. The mid-air labour ...
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A bizarre video has emerged from China of a doctor removing mushrooms 'growing' in a woman's stomach.
21:20, Friday, 24 March, 2017
The footage, captured in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province on March 12, shows a 'giant' mushroom stuck in the woman's stomach. The 50-year-old woman ...
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