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Government Shuts Down as Bill to Extend Funding Is Blocked
12:05, Saturday, 20 January, 2018
Much of the federal government officially shut down early Saturday morning after Senate Democrats, showing remarkable solidarity in the face of a ...
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Apple will let you disable CPU slowdown with next iOS update
19:15, Thursday, 18 January, 2018
After it was discovered that Apple is slowing down the chipsets as their batteries age, the public outrage was so massive, that the company had to ...
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Argentine Billionaire to Pass Baton to Nephew in Airport IPO
16:10, Thursday, 11 January, 2018
When the bell sounds in New York later this month for the initial public offering of Eduardo Eurnekian’s airport business, the man ringing it ...
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Apple faces questions from senator over iPhone slowdown
14:20, Thursday, 11 January, 2018
Sen. John Thune, R-South Dakota, on Tuesday sent Apple a letter with questions about a software update that helped prevent unexpected battery ...
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World Bank forecast broad-based recovery for global economy
12:45, Wednesday, 10 January, 2018
World Bank on Tuesday raised its forecast for global economic growth in 2018 to 3.1 percent, saying that a broad-based recovery was underway across ...
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Paris prosecutor’s office opened a case against Apple because of intentional obsolescence of iPhone
11:00, Tuesday, 09 January, 2018
The Paris prosecutor’s office started an investigation into unfair practice in the industry after the scandal surrounding the American ...
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Apple's battery controversy could cost the company over $10 billion in lost iPhone sales
19:05, Thursday, 04 January, 2018
Apple started offering $29 in-store battery replacements last week in an apologetic move after the company revealed that an older battery could ...
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Prince Harry's wedding to Meghan Markle "set to boost UK economy"
17:05, Thursday, 04 January, 2018
Prince Harry’s wedding to American actress Meghan Markle could provide a 500 million pound boost to Britain’s economy as tourists flock ...
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Exclusive: Russian tankers fueled North Korea via transfers at sea - sources
12:10, Saturday, 30 December, 2017
Russian tankers have supplied fuel to North Korea on at least three occasions in recent months by transferring cargoes at sea, according to two ...
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Apple Boosts Pay of CEO Tim Cook, Other Executives
14:00, Thursday, 28 December, 2017
A year after delivering an unusual pay cut, Apple Inc. gave Chief Executive Tim Cook and other top executives a big boost in compensation for ...
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China to overtake US economy by 2032 as Asian might builds: report
17:05, Tuesday, 26 December, 2017
The growing importance of Asia's major economies will continue in 2018 and beyond, according to a league table that sees the region dominating in ...
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Apple is in second earns 1444 dollar
14:45, Friday, 15 December, 2017
According to a recent study by TitleMax Apple earns every second 1444 of the dollar, which allowed him to be on the first place ranking among all ...
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US wants $250 mn cut to UN budget
11:45, Wednesday, 13 December, 2017
The United States is seeking a $250 million cut to the core budget of the United Nations for 2018-2019, on top of $200 million in savings already ...
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Apple to buy music recognizing app Shazam
13:15, Saturday, 09 December, 2017
Apple is in talks to buy the popular song recognition app Shazam as the tech giant tries to compete with streaming leader Spotify, TechCrunch ...
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YouTube's 'Remix' subscription music service could launch in March
19:05, Friday, 08 December, 2017
Another attempt by YouTube to mend fences with the music industry - internally referred to as Remix - is a few months away from launching, according ...
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Qualcomm seeks ban on sales of Intel-based iPhone X in US
16:05, Friday, 01 December, 2017
Legal filing with ITC is the latest move in a heated patent infringement battle between Apple and its key chip supplier.If Qualcomm has its way, it ...
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U.S. State Dept official says Nord Stream II gas link won't be built
11:15, Friday, 01 December, 2017
United States Deputy Assistant Secretary in the Department of State’s Bureau of Energy Resources, John McCarrick, said on Wednesday: Expects ...
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