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Long-Awaited Housewarming in Ararat Region

11:26, Friday, 25 November, 2016
Long-Awaited Housewarming in Ararat Region

The Basement and the Metal Container - Now a Memory
     Long-Awaited Housewarming in Ararat Region After 20 years of waiting two families in Ararat region celebrate housewarming.
     The housing project financed by VivaCell-MTS and implemented by Fuller Center for Housing Armenia encompasses ten regions in Armenia. The heads and teams of the partnering organizations paid just another regional visit, this time celebrating housewarming in Dvin community of Ararat region. The Asatryans are a family of three: the mother with her two sons. Having lost his father at an early age and having lived in a damp and dark basement most of his childhood, Bagrat, the younger son, cannot believe that the bright and comfortable house, where the heads of organizations were hosted, is now theirs. “I do not even know how to express my fillings. My elder brother, Senik, who works abroad now, calls every day and asks me to describe how our newly built house looks like. He is looking forward to coming back and seeing the home of our dreams with his own eyes. After so many years of waiting I cannot believe our happiness is true,” said Bagrat. “In the modern world people shall not be forced to wait for twenty years to have a place to live. Having a roof over one’s head is a basic life condition and not a dream. Where there is a feeling of security, there is also a will to develop and to be useful to one’s country. I am glad the successful cooperation has helped yet another family celebrate housewarming,” said VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian. The second visit was to the Avetisyan family. For more than 20 years the family had been living in a metal container, “domik”, placed nearby their half-built house, without elementary household conveniences, such as a kitchen or a bathroom. “My elder son got married and had to rent an apartment, as we had no place to sleep. Now it is time for my second son to get married, and I am happy we can finally live in decent housing conditions. I am grateful for the gift of a home for my family,” said the Avetisyan family father, Aleksan. “It seems that at least in the communities around Ararat valley there should not be families living in such conditions, but even for the families, who work hard, who “squeeze bread out of stone”; it is hard to build a home or to finish the construction of an unfinished house. The two families have gone through a harsh way of life, and each of them has its dramatic story. Today, finally, is the day to be happy. I am glad we have the
     opportunity to share their happiness with them,” said Fuller Center for Housing Armenia President Ashot Yeghiazaryan. For the implementation of the 2016 housing project VivaCell-MTS has allocated AMD 105 million. Instead of the planned 41, the housing problem has been solved for 42 families. As a result of the five-year partnership, 135 families have received assistance in different regions of Armenia.

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