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My Children Won't be Handed Kazakh Presidency: Nazarbayev

12:10, Thursday, 24 November, 2016
My Children Won't be Handed Kazakh Presidency: Nazarbayev

Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev told Bloomberg in an interview that he won’t hand power to his children to succeed him.

“I’m not envisaging succession for my children, I don’t think that’s a question for us,” Nazarbayev, 76, said in a November 22 interview in the presidential palace in Astana.

“Our transfer of power is spelled out by the constitution,” while he won’t say anything now about a successor, he said.

“Until 2020, I’m going to work. And we’ll meet again in 2020,” said Nazarbayev, who won another five-year mandate in a 2015 election that international observers called “practically unnoticeable.”

Nazarbayev, who’s ruled since 1989, said he’ll decide whether to seek a new term based on his health and the level of public support.

The President's eldest daughter, Dariga, 53, has served as deputy prime minister since last September until being appointed as the Chairman of the Senate Committee for Foreign Relations, Defense and Security in September 2016, prompting speculation that she could eventually become Nazarbayev's successor.

By the Kazakh laws, a Senator can become a Senate Speaker, who becomes Acting President in the event of the President's death or when the President is anyhow unable to perform his duties.

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