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Hillary Clinton: I wanted to curl up with book after election loss

10:25, Thursday, 17 November, 2016
Hillary Clinton: I wanted to curl up with book after election loss

Hillary Clinton has laid bare her disappointment at her election defeat to Donald Trump in her first public appearance since she lost a week ago.
     The Democratic candidate said in a speech in Washington DC that she had never wanted to leave the house again.
     She told a children's charity that the election had prompted soul-searching for many Americans.
     Mrs Clinton won the popular vote but was beaten to the presidency in the all-important US electoral college.
     "Now I will admit coming here tonight wasn't the easiest thing for me," she said as she was honoured by the Children's Defense Fund.
     "There have been a few times this past week when all I wanted to do was to curl up with a good book and never leave the house again."

At the scene: Laura Bicker, BBC News
     There was little ceremony and no sign of security for the former presidential candidate who is known simply as "Hillary" in this circle of friends.
     The audience were on their feet and chanting her name as she took to the podium. When she talked about her disappointment, murmurs of agreement spread through the room in waves.
     That murmur grew louder as she urged those listening not to lose heart - this was an emotional plea for action.
     The event was entitled Beat the Odds, which offers hope for some of America's most underprivileged children and celebrates their achievements.
     But I spoke to one man who told me that he could offer little hope to the young African Americans he mentors in the wake of this election.
     Hillary Clinton used her voice tonight to try help change that and dissuade others from feeling despondent.
     The candidate may be gone, and right now "Hillary" looks like she might run home and curl back up on the sofa, but there is a still a spark left in the first woman who got this far in trying to reach the White House.
     She continued: "I know many of you are deeply disappointed about the results of the election. I am, too, more than I can ever express.
     "I know this isn't easy. I know that over the past week a lot of people have asked themselves whether America is the country we thought it was.
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AAA 11:04, 17.11.2016
Miayn kareli e zarmanal te inchpes e ays " nasty woman "@ karoxanum aprel inkn ir het... ( inchpes nran bolori araj nran anvanec Trump@ )
Hilary Clinton @ hancagorc e te AMN joxoverdi te voxj mardkutyan arjev...
Ayd kin@ satanayi marmnacumn e ...
Yes hpart em vor kviarkel em trumpi ogtin... Na jataryal u anbic che bayc der mard e .
Amerikaci joxovurd@ lav aptak tvec "democrat" anvan tak taknvac global satananerin u dzaxixec nranc mardatyac u yesaser elitakan tsragrer @...
Kecce trump@, AMN joxovurdn u constitucian!!!
AAA 11:11, 17.11.2016
Satki tox tunavor odz@... Milionavor siryacineri, irank indri, Libyacineri u inchu che amerikaci zoheri, gaxtakanneri aneck@ sra u ir @ntaniki vra e ...
Hima tanjvum e u varvum kani ir larac takardi mej inkn @nkav yerb dran cher spasum u naxagahityun@ arten grpanum er karcum ...
Astcu gordzn er sra partityun@...
Bolor@ vstah eyin vor inkn e shahelu.
Park astco, kanxvec charikn u axet@...
Ashxarh@ prkvec mets portsankic!
Amen 14:11, 17.11.2016
Hogejashn I'm vra ... Inch kerp kuzi , inch yrxanakov vor jakatagirn u naxaxnamutyun@ k teladri... Miayn makri od@...
Kiankums mardu chem atel u Et zgacmunk@ otar u an@nduneli e yexel indz hamar vorpes mard ... Nuynisk turkin chem atel... Indz tuyl chem tvel nahatakneri hishatak@ asosacnem atelutyan Het ...
Bayc avax Clinton @ u ir kerpar@ yekan haxtelu I'm amenaamur skzbunkneric mekin vorn er yerbek chatel voch Mi mardu YEV chnsemacnel mardn I'm mej ... Havat@ depi mard@...
Terevs na irok satana e u dra hamar bacarutyun em arel u terevs chem xaxtel I'm skzbunkner@...
Astvadz dzaynt lsi u makrvi od@ nman charikic...
Duk petk e tesnek ayn histerian vor bardzracrel en dra azdecutyan u ismunki tak gtnvox moloryalner@... Nrank galarvum en dprocnerum, hamalsarannerum u poxocnerum, gorci vayrerum u herustatesutyamb galarvum en inchpes satanan u chark@ dever@ k galarvi yerb xach sexmum en nranc jakatin...
Hilaryy hetevirdnern u voxj mekenan/ clan@ tariner varkabekum u kandum en hasarakutyan himker@ , @ntanik@, yekexecin u havatk@ manavand kristoneutyun@, bajanir vor tires ktrvackov ... Miayn sarsapel kareli e nra hancankneric , kardacek wikiliksi bacahaytumner @, u kapshek nra kerparic u herun gnacox stor cragreric. Nra @ntratshvi xekavar podestan uxaki xostovanel e vor masnakic e linum satanayapasht ceseri u araroxutyunneri...
Satki verana ayd cavagar@... Nzovk nran u ir shrjapatin...