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Media reported about the «divorce» Hillary Clinton’s husband

13:05, Monday, 14 November, 2016
Media reported about the «divorce» Hillary Clinton’s husband

On Monday, the media reported that after the failure of the US presidential election, Hillary Clinton allegedly filed for divorce from her husband, former President bill Clinton. However, soon there were reports that it is a newspaper canard.

The petition for divorce was allegedly filed November 10 — two days after the vote, said the Christian Times Newspaper. The reason specified «insuperable disagreements». The newspaper published a copy of the application, which were filed in the Supreme court of Westchester County of new York.

According to the newspaper, the Clintons allegedly came to the agreement on the separation and division of property. It is also noted that the spouses have long been a strictly professional relationship, and, after the defeat of Hillary, the need to maintain the myth of a strong marriage is no more.

Soon, the Huffington Post reported that the Christian Times Newspaper published information is not true.

Hillary and bill Clinton married in 1975. Last week it was reported that they were spotted strolling in the woods together with their dogs.

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