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Baby born with four legs in Mozambique - report

20:20, Tuesday, 01 November, 2016
Baby born with four legs in Mozambique - report

Maputo - Doctors are assessing a baby born with four legs in western Mozambique to see if the child can be operated upon, a report says.

The baby, whose sex was not given, has just been born in Manica Province, according to the Magazine Independente.

"The mother had a normal birth and was not suspicious of anything during the gestation period," said the weekly, which is published in Portuguese.

A baby with three legs was also born in the province this month, said the weekly.

Online reports suggested that the baby with three legs had died.

Birth abnormalities like this are occasionally reported in the region, where prenatal scans are not always available.

In January 2014, a baby was born with four legs (two of them joined) in rural Mhondoro, central Zimbabwe.

The official Herald said then that doctors in Harare had told the child's parents that their baby may have been a twin at conception.

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