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Kerry said that he had convinced the EU to extend anti-Russian sanctions

11:35, Thursday, 27 October, 2016
Kerry said that he had convinced the EU to extend anti-Russian sanctions

U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry believes that the alleged Russian interference in the democratic processes in the United States strengthens their solidarity with the EU on the issue of extending sanctions.

In the summer of this year it became known about the hacking of computer systems of the US Democratic party. On the website WikiLeaks published the correspondence of the party apparatus, from which it followed that the leadership during the primaries have preferred Hillary Clinton to damage her opponent Bernie Sanders. Hackers had also infiltrated the systems of other organizations of the Democratic party, responsible for elections at various levels.

The Democratic party and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton spoke directly about the involvement of Russian hackers. According to them, the same way Moscow was trying to influence the result of the presidential election, however, no evidence of their allegations, the Democrats have not presented.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, in turn, said that in the published data there is nothing of interest to Russia, and hysteria-mongering to divert attention from the content of the documents.

“I was in Brussels earlier this month and saw that a unified approach with our partners across the Atlantic demonstrates every day. Europe and the United States continue to support tough economic sanctions against Russia over aggression in Ukraine. Our unity becomes stronger, while the Russian President (Vladimir) Putin is trying to interfere in the functioning of our democratic system,” Kerry said, speaking at the Chicago Council on foreign relations.

On 15 September, the EU Council decided to prolong anti-Russian sanctions against 146 persons and 37 entities because of the situation in Ukraine until March of the following year. In October, the leaders of 28 countries-EU members do not have to enter against Moscow new restrictions associated with Syria.

A White house spokesman had reported earlier that the US is discussing with European partners the question of opposition to Russia’s actions in Syria, including through new sanctions. According to the source, Washington was not considering the option of imposing restrictions on the export of Russian energy resources, as this step will cause a serious blow to the economies of Europe.

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