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Stratfor assessed the risk of collision of the USA and Russia

15:20, Wednesday, 12 October, 2016
Stratfor assessed the risk of collision of the USA and Russia

The Russian air force who fought in Syria
     On the situation in Syria is affected by a large number, including the regional players.
     The probability of military conflict between the US and Russia will grow by the end of this year, said the private intelligence and analysis company Stratfor.
     According to experts, till the end of the year, the United States will focus on the offensive against terroristicheskoj organization “Islamic state” in Iraq’s Mosul and Syria’s raqqa.
     “Russia will stick to military tactics, abandoning diplomatic disputes, whereas the American side is not ready to engage in constructive bargaining because of the imminent expiry of the term of office of the current President Barack Obama,” the analysts say.
     In Stratfor reported that in the fourth quarter of the risk of collision of Russia and the United States will increase, given that Washington is strengthening the Sunni rebels in Syria and denies the priority of the policy of dialogue with Moscow.
     It is noted that the situation in Syria is influenced by other regional players. The situation is complicated by the presence on the battlefields of the Turkish troops that will advance into the South of Syria under American cover to reduce the risk of confrontation with Russia.
     At the same time the allies from the Persian Gulf and lead the game against Iran they will try to play on the contradictions between Russia and the United States and strengthen the position of their Sunni allies.
     Earlier in Moscow has assessed the possibility of direct military clashes between Russia and the United States in Syria.
     Note that France and the United States urged to investigate Russia’s actions in Syria as war crimes. And German Chancellor Angela Merkel has called a “nightmare” situation in Aleppo.
     Russia has prepared a response to “plan B” USA on Syria
     ISIS and the war in Syria
     The French foreign Ministry: Putin’s Visit to Paris would be a burden to him
     Times: Russia faces a new “Nuremberg trials”
     London has accused Russia of destruction of the convoy of the UN
     The Russian aircraft was again hit by Aleppo media
     France wants the trial of the Russian Federation for war crimes in Syria

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