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Ancient pyramid discovered by chance in Antarctica

14:35, Sunday, 25 September, 2016
Ancient pyramid discovered by chance in Antarctica

Scientists believe that under the age-old ice of Antarctica, they have found mysterious structures like the pyramids. Experts came to putting that structure could not be created by nature.
     Scientists involved in the study of the vast glacier, the highest continent on Earth. Here they discovered three ancient pyramids that can not be attributed to natural monuments. Members of the study group was composed of eight researchers from America and several European countries. Two of the three newly discovered pyramids are located about 16 kilometers from the coast, and the third is very close to the shoreline.
     Some of the experts expressed confidence that in the distant past, parts of the South continent was densely forested. With the opening of the pyramids, scientists believe that there lived an ancient civilization of people.
     For proof of his theory experts have brought to the scientific centers of the photo. Soon it is planned to conduct a new expedition, to study in detail the findings.

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