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Medical records hacked: 53 British athletes from Rio could be named - UKAD

13:05, Friday, 16 September, 2016
Medical records hacked: 53 British athletes from Rio could be named - UKAD

Fifty-three British athletes from the Rio Olympics may be at risk of having their medical details made public, says the head of UK Anti-Doping.

Three-time Tour de France champion Chris Froome and five-time Olympic gold medallist Sir Bradley Wiggins were among those whose stolen files werepublished by Fancy Bears.

Ukad chief executive Nicole Sapstead said it is trying to contact athletes.

The files were stolen from the World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada).

They relate to therapeutic use exemptions (TUEs), which allow banned substances to be used for medical reasons.

Asked by BBC Sport how many British athletes could have their medical details disclosed, Sapstead added: "That's something we are determining at the moment.

"We are cross-referencing Team GB with the list of TUEs that are either currently in place or which have been historically granted.

"Those are the athletes we will be contacting in the first instance."

Sapstead said Ukad is also trying to make contact with the five athletes - Froome, Wiggins, golfer Charley Hull, rugby sevens player Heather Fisher and rower Sam Townsend, whose names have already been published.

She hoped speaking to them would give them some comfort and said Ukad would aim to give them "some re-assurance that we are working really closely with Wada about these leaks and trying to identify the specifics of exactly what has got into this cyber group's hands".

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