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Divident Dental Clinic Awarded by the Union of National Business Rating of Georgia

22:10, Thursday, 15 September, 2016
Divident Dental Clinic Awarded by the Union of National Business Rating of Georgia

Divident” dental clinic and its representatives received medals and appreciation awards by the Union of National Business Rating, an international rating union consisting of Georgia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan in several nominations for the year of 2016.

The annual award ceremony took place on August 26, 2016, in Kazakhstan. The team of Divident company was recognized for their work in Georgia and contribution to the development of dentistry in Georgia in several categories under Import/Export award:

  1. Anahit Chilingaryan, Manager of Bredent Medical Georgia, received an award in the category of “Specialist of the Year” for her loyalty and “responsible business management”.
  2. Dr. Davit Galstyan, who serves as clinical consultant for German Bredent Medical company in Georgia and Armenia, received an award and medal under the category of “Professional of the Year” for surgeries and professional work done in Georgia. Dr. Davit received the award as appreciation for his work in Georgia as a dental surgeon and implantologist.
  3. Kamo Mayilyan received a medal under the category of “Outstanding Achievement” for contributing to Bredent Medical Georgia’s innovations development and corporate social responsibility in Georgia.

The nominees for the awards were unable to attend the award ceremony in Kazakhstan due to technical reasons, however, shortly they received their awards sent by the government of Georgia.

On September 9th, 2016, Divident clinic of Yerevan organized a reception at 27/1 Gyulbenkyan str. to celebrate the success in participation of business partners and doctors from Georgia, Armenia, Norway and Holland. The success ceremony’s honorary guests were Robert Melikidze, Giorgi Bakutashvili, Batu Schendzelia and Avtandil Machavariani of Tbilisi’s Dentex95. Georgia’s Dentex95 dental clinic is an education center for training Tbilisi’s State University students and is closely cooperating with DiviDent to develop the innovative solutions offered by Bredent Medical in Georgia.

Franc Debir, expert of PUM international organization, and Raffi Elliot, founder of Gettreated dental tourism platform, attended the ceremony to share Divident’s success as partners that are successfully cooperating with them. The award ceremony’s host was Irina Tovmasyan.

Following the award ceremony the Armenian and Georgian doctors participated in two surgeries, one of which offered a solution to a totally edentulous patient to walk out of the clinic in four hours with new and functional teeth after Fast & Fixed surgery, and the second surgery was an intervention for placing White Sky implant, which is a zirconium one-piece implant and an exceptional solution for the aesthetic look of front teeth as it doesn’t allow any visible signs of any materials other than the pure white zirconium to be visible when smiling.

It is not the first time that Armenian and Georgian doctors are organizing surgeries together to exchange with experience and share professional development skills. The team of DiviDent dental clinic, in close cooperation with Bredent Medical Georgia and Bredent Medical Germany, have decided to organize such surgeries in Armenia and Georgia, and once every year in each country for social projects to donate the proceeds for a good cause. The first surgery for the purpose of implementing social projects was organized in Armenia’s Gyumri on October 3, 2015, the proceeds of which were donated to Gyumri’s families with the help of “Shirak Center” NGO, and the second one was organized in Georgia’s capital Tbilisi on May 13, 2016, the proceeds of which were fully transferred to the account of Tbilisi’s zoo to be invested in the recovery of shelters for animals that were hit by heavy flooding and left roaming in the streets of Georgia’s capital in June 2015.

Divident’s team thanked the government of Georgia and the Union of National Business Rating for their recognition and said that they are even more encouraged to work even harder and give back.

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