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The experts found a place of a bookmark of bombs crashed over the Sinai A321

11:00, Tuesday, 13 September, 2016
The experts found a place of a bookmark of bombs crashed over the Sinai A321

International technical Commission, working in Egypt, found the epicenter of the explosion in aircraft A321 of airline “Kogalymavia” in late October of last year, writes on Tuesday “Kommersant”, citing sources close to the investigation. According to the newspaper, Aviaexport after the collected fragments of the A321 in the hangar of the airport of Cairo, came to the conclusion that the explosion occurred in the tail of the plane just behind the last row of seats.

The epicenter was not at the back of the seats, as previously assumed, and about two meters below on the floor of the so-called separation of loose cargo (bulk boxes). In the A321 is a room volume of about 5 cubic meters is commonly used for the transport of oversized passenger goods: strollers and wheelchairs, skis, bikes, cages with animals, etc., clarifies the issue.

In addition, due to the computation, the experts were able to establish an approximate scheme of the offense. Experts do not exclude that the bomb the terrorists were attracted to the customer service agent of the Egyptian Sharm El-Sheikh.

It clarifies the newspaper, the suitcases and bags of passengers still in the airport building was laid in a standard aircraft metal containers that are sealed, brought to the plane and then distributed in two located under the fuselage A321 main compartments.

Oversized Luggage was delivered to standing on the tarmac liner separate flight loader. Package with a small bomb, as experts assume, was entered first. After which he laid prams and furniture, safely hiding in a way from prying eyes.

As writes the edition, the bomb was fitted with clockwork or pressure — responsive pressure drop – mechanism. He has worked in approximately 22 minutes after launch at a speed of about 750 km/h and an altitude of about 10.2 thousand m.

The explosion led to the formation of a hole in the bottom left bulk with camera broken and arched outwards, the contours of which were discovered on display. “Then, thanks to the explosive depressurization of the cabin and the effect of the air flow on the flying ship, around the contour of the last fastening fuselage bulkhead ruptured cladding — the car literally broke a tail” – the newspaper writes.

The loss of the tail with elevators and directions have led in turn to rapid and not controlled dive machine. Most of the passengers received severe barotrauma and experienced the terrible congestion, died in the air, experts suggest.

Earlier it was reported that Aviaexport in Egypt found the place where began the destruction of the liner. However, it has not been named.

The A321 aircraft “Kogalymavia” flying from Sharm El Sheikh to St Petersburg, crashed in Sinai on October 31 last year. All aboard the 224 people killed.

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