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Ronaldinho set to retire from professional football

23:55, Wednesday, 07 September, 2016
Ronaldinho set to retire from professional football

Former Brazil, Barcelona and Milan star Ronaldinho has revealed he will soon be ending his professional football career, after 18 years starring in both Europe and South America.

"I am an old man now, I am 36," he told reporters at a press conference in New York.

"I am no longer 26 like I once was, and I am looking at what I can do to mark an end to my career. The plan is to play one more year.

While he gave few clues on what the future might hold, Ronaldinho affirmed that he may well be entering the music world.

"I am immersed in new projects, related to music and football which are, as you know, my two passions," he said.

"I am looking at new things that I have always liked and we will see what we will do this year."

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