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Smart bra only unhooks for ‘true love’

00:20, Tuesday, 06 September, 2016
Smart bra only unhooks for ‘true love’

Only “true love” can snap open this high-tech bra.

A Japanese lingerie brand boasts its latest product is smart enough to gauge its wearer’s real feelings in the heat of the moment — and if it isn’t love, then the bra’s clasp remains firmly shut.

Makers Ravijour explain in a viral video that a hidden sensor in one of the bra’s cups is synced via Bluetooth to an app, which measures heart rate. When it hits a certain point — somewhere above shopping, but below jogging, according to a questionably scientific chart — the bra unhooks.

“Until now, the bra was a piece of clothing to remove, but now it is an instrument to test for true love,” a woman says in the clip.

Ravijour is marketing the bra as a way to protect women from unwanted sexual advances. It’s not clear how women can unclasp the bra if they don’t find “true love.”

Fans can't buy the bra directly, but win a chance to try it out by spending more than 5,000 Japanese yen (about $50) on the brand's website.

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Աննա 10:23, 06.09.2016
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