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On your feet live 180 species of fungi

22:10, Tuesday, 09 August, 2016
On your feet live 180 species of fungi
     If you are afraid of germs, then this article may shatter your sanity. In fact, even if you are not afraid of them, you still can. So that live in the human body different kinds of fungi known to all or nearly all. A favorite habitat is the area of the heel and under the toenails.
     A team of researchers from the National Institute of Research of the human genome in Bethesda, USA, tested the DNA of fungi living in 14 different regions of the bodies of ten healthy people. They found that the human foot - home to about 180 species of fungi five different: under the fingernails lives about 60 species, between fingers - about 40 species, and the heel - about 80 species.
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